The ANSUR network brings together anthropologists who research and study surveillance, as broadly conceived. The network holds meetings and events, and disseminates news, information, and commentary through its mailing list. It is convened by Vita Peacock, Deniz Yonucu, and Rune Steenberg.

Through its disciplinary basis, ANSUR approaches surveillance as a social relationship.

It is a relationship that connects those monitoring with those being monitored in each setting, and varies widely according to social, cultural and technical conditions. In particular, the ascent of what has been named ‘participatory’ surveillance enabled by the ubiquity of smartphones, fractures older analyses that view surveillance through the lens of clear power asymmetries, and opens up new questions around complicity and consent, as well as the potentials for subversion and resistance.

In addition to assembling this discussion, the network seeks to amplify anthropological perspectives on surveillance in the public sphere, during this epochal shift in the history of technology.

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